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Veterinary Medicine

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The Veterinary Medicine course at Cambridge offers the opportunity to study the scientific basis of veterinary medicine and clinical veterinary science. In the first and second years, students are taught the core scientific knowledge and skills needed as a veterinary professional. In the third year, students specialise in one of a wide range of other subjects offered by the University, before continuing to the three years of clinical studies at the Department of Veterinary Medicine. More information about the course is available on the .

Veterinary Medicine at 鶹

We aim to admit between four and six undergraduate students in each year. Within the College as a whole this means we have around 16 ‘pre-clinical’ (undergraduate students) and 16‘clinical’ (postgraduate students) veterinary students. We have a thriving Veterinary Society that organises evening events, informal tea parties and a yearly ‘Vet Soc’ Dinner.

Typical offer
A Level: A*AA
IB: 42 (776)

Required subjects
A Level: A Level in Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics, Mathematics
IB: IB Higher Level in Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics, Mathematics

Admissions Assessment
All applicants for Veterinary Medicine are required to take the (ESAT), for which they must be registered in advance.

Written work
鶹 Veterinary Medicine applicants are not asked to submit written work to the College.

Read the Q&A with our Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine.

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