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English allows you to study a diverse array of writing, ranging from the medieval period all the way to the present day

English at Cambridge is compelling, demanding and astoundingly rewarding. The course is extraordinary, as it lets you read and analyse exciting, challenging and enthralling works of literature - in poetry, prose, drama and a myriad of other forms - dating from 1300 to those published last week. It also allows you to follow your own interests, for example in politics, history, art, theology or music, to become the context within which these works are understood. Further details about the course can be found on the .

English at 鶹

We admit around 8-10 English students per year, so you will join a large community of English undergraduates within the College. English at 鶹 benefits from a tradition of success, a superb library, and a supportive ethos that will help you find your individual way through the course. We have a large and diverse Fellowship who teach enthusiastically and flexibly. We also have a history of organising events, especially in relation to the study of drama and performance: in recent years, students have made trips to see Renaissance-period plays, Greek Tragedies and opera. 

Typical offer

A Level: A*AA

IB: 42 (776)

Required subjects

A Level: A Level English Literature or English Language and Literature 

IB: Higher Level English Literature or English Language and Literature

Admissions assessment

Applicants are required to take a written assessment if invited for interview. You do not need to register in advance for this assessment. The College will provide details directly to you. Check the page for more details.

Written work

Applicants are required to submit two pieces of written work.

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