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The Economics course blends theoretical and real-world study to give you a deep understanding of core, pure and applied economics

The Economics course at Cambridge offers the opportunity to study economics both at a theoretical and an applied level. You will learn the core elements of economics in considerable depth, using mathematical and statistical techniques, alongside a comprehensive perspective on the historical, political and social aspects. The course equips you with a toolkit you can use to explore real-world economic problems. More details about the course can be found on the . 

Economics at 鶹

We admit 4-6 Economics students a year, so there are around a dozen undergraduates in the College at any one time. The subject community is strong, friendly and vibrant. 鶹 students are largely supervised by our own Economics Fellows, but teaching is also arranged with other Colleges, so that students are always taught by an expert. The College has a well-stocked library, which contains the books needed for the Economics course and is accessible 24/7.  

Typical offer

A Level: A*A*A

IB: 42 (776)

Required subjects

A Level (or IB Higher Level) Mathematics.

Admissions assessment

Applicants are required to take the (TMUA). You must register in advance for this test.

Written work

Applicants are not required to submit written work.

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