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Library admission policy

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    The library is open to College members 24 hours a day and staffed only on weekdays for 8 hours per day.It relies heavily on trust for its operations, including borrowing. Our chief concerns about admission are to ensure the security of readers, security of books and equipment, and availability of books and workspaces for our core constituency. The following categories have beenagreed by the College Council.

    Access card and full borrowing rights:

    • All matriculated current students
    • Current Fellows
    • Current Bye Fellows
    • Current External Directors of Study
    • ܰԳٲڴ
    • Emeritus Fellows

    Access card, no borrowing rights:

    • Students of other colleges in 鶹 accommodation
    • Official Visiting Scholars
    • Benefactors
    • Alumnae

    No access card, no borrowing rights, limited access to library:

    • 鶹 student guests (must be accompanied by a 鶹 student at all times. Access from start of Summer vacation to week before the start of Easter Term.)

    No access card, no borrowing rights:

    Reading rights by appointment with theLibrarian during staffed hours. Please email

    • Students from other colleges
    • Students from other universities under the SCONUL Access Scheme or SCONUL Vacation Access Scheme
    • Supervisors of 鶹 students
    • Applicants visiting the College
    • Conference delegates
    • Visitors conducting research on special collections or archive material

    Updated February 2023