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Information for Undergraduate and Foundation Year Freshers

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    Undergraduates and Foundation Year Students -Please also see Information for all Freshers.

    Please read all of the documents listed on this page.

    Invitation from the President

    Welcome letter from Tutorial

    Mock Exams: you are almost certain to have compulsory mock exams just before the start of Lent Term; these will be held on 15,16 and 17 January 2024, so please plan to be back in College before 15January 2024.

    Coming up to Cambridge and Freshers' Week

    Senior Tutor letter and coming up information

    Undergraduate Freshers' Week Programme- FINAL


    Rents and Information

    Foundation Years Undergraduates Home from Home Guide


    Guide to your termly bill

    Understanding your invoices

    Payment of invoices to College

    Cambridge Bursary Scheme - please also note the Education Premium for students in receipt of a Cambridge Bursary and who have also been eligible for free school meals.

    Stormzy Scholarship for Black UK Students

    Bursary information for Geography and Engineering students

    Tuition Fees Advice from the Student Loan Company:To make sure that you get your money as soon as possible make sure that you have submitted your application! Sign into your online account and check the application tracker in case there is anything else they need from you. While signed into your online account, check that your bank details are correct; please do this at least 4 days before payment is expected If you have applied after the deadline, don't worry, you should still receive funding provided that you have supplied any evidence requested and the application is approved. The Student Finance companies' websites have more information for late applications for students from England and Wales There is further information about payments on the Student Finance companies' websites for students from England and Wales, and they post important updates on their social media pages.

    Health, Safety and Welfare

    Welfare support before you arrive in Cambridge

    Subject-specific information


    Letter for Freshers

    Medic Handbook 2023

    Veterinary Medicine:

    Letter for Freshers

    Vet Handbook 2023

    Protective clothing for Vets


    Freshers' workbook

    Guide to courses Part IA


    You can book an optional individual portrait photograph with Lafeyette Photography, who will be in College on 2 October.