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Graduation dates

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    Photo of 鶹 graduates outside Senate House
    鶹 graduates outside Senate House

    Applying to Graduate 

    In 2023-24, we will present graduands at the Congregation of the Regent House on

    29 June 2024 (General Admission only)

    19 July 2024

    In 2024-25, we will present graduands at the Congregation of the Regent House on 

    25 October 2024

    30 November 2024

    31 January 2025 (in absence only)

    1 March 2025 (in absence only)

    5 April 2025 (MA only)

    3 May 2025

    23 May 2025 

    5 July 2025 (General Admission only)

    25 July 2025

    Click on the date above to register for that congregation.

    You may bring up to two guests to your congregation.  

    Please note, the University only circulates the timetable a week before the congregation. We will email this to graduands at the earliest opportunity 

    Gowns, Hoods and Dress Code

    You are required to wear the gown and hood of the highest Cambridge degree you already have or, as a graduating postgraduate student without a previous Cambridge degree, the MA Status gown.  If in doubt, Ede and Ravenscroft or Ryder & Amies can advise you.

    Please note when hiring the gown you will also need a hood for the ceremony.

    For MA, General Admissions and end of July congregations,  will deliver and collect gowns and hoods to 鶹.  do not offer delivery and collection for any congregation.

    For all other congregations, you will need to collect your gown and hood from or , they will advise you when and where you can collect and return your gown and hood.

    There is no need to wear a square cap or mortarboard, they mostly just get in the way.

    Please read the  for what to wear at a congregation: we have been advised that the code will be strictly enforced. If you wear a skirt or dress, you will be required to wear 'Unpatterned black, nearly-black, or natural coloured hosiery' and if you don't wear your own, we will have to lend you a pair of something very basic and tan-coloured.  Also please bear in mind that you will have to process down to the Senate House at a reasonably smart pace so incredibly high heels probably won't help you (and the University's Proctors have strong views on very spikey heels).

    There is no formal dress code for guests but they usually wear something suitable for a formal party. There is no need for hats unless they like wearing them.


    All our degree ceremonies are live streamed and the recording of the ceremonies is held for 2 months after the ceremony, however, we cannot guarantee the livestream for every ceremony. The recording of the events is protected by copyright and must not be shared on other platforms or reproduced in any way.

    We will take every reasonable action we can to ensure that no guests are captured on the livestream, or recording, but by accepting a ticket to the event you are acccepting that you are aware there is a risk of this happening.

    Please note for Graduands who are having their award conferred in absence your names are not read out.  

    If you have any queries on your graduation, please phone 01223 762203 or email