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    Students and Fellows of 鶹 may choose from a number of attractive, well-equipped rooms which can be booked for a variety of activities. Further details about the rooms is available .

    The College holds an AIM Secure Accreditation, which demonstrates our commitment to offering a first-class service safety and responsibly for the health of staff and customers.

    All events at 鶹 are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

    "Thank you for the lovely drinks party on Monday. All the students and colleagues who came very much enjoyed the chance to be together, and we loved the delicious canapés! Please pass on my thanks to your teams."Miranda Griffin,Assistant Professor of Medieval French, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics

    "Warm thanks from me and my colleagues Emma Widdis and Sarah Vitali, and from all our happy students, for organising such an excellent dinner for us last night.Everything was delicious, and the atmosphere was cosy. They all stayed a long time, reciting poetry and singing to each other. It was a great evening, and everyone admired the FDR and loved the food and wine.Please say a special thank you to Eleanora and the team for taking such good care of us throughout. They were so kind and attentive, which made everything relaxed and flowing."Rachel Polonsky, Vice President; Fellow in Slavonic Studies; Graduate Tutor

    "Just a note to thank you and your team for putting together such a wonderful Winter Feast. It’s been delightful to be able to spend time together as a fellowship, not to mention that the dinner was delicious. My guest was really impressed with the College and I think that speaks to all your efforts." Luana Bulat, Fellow and College Lecturer in Computer Science.


    High quality audio visual equipment is available in our meeting rooms and portable equipment is also available.Students must be trained by our AV technician or a house porter in how to use the equipment and this will be offered as part of your event booking process. If you do not have training, you will not be able to use the equipment.

    • Requirements should be specified in your event booking form (in your log in area).
    • We encourage everybody to disucss their AV needs with us at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure we can provide the right equipment and support for the intended purpose.

    "[Liam] You were absolutely fantastic and went well above and beyond our expectations to help us out. Not only did you help ensure that all the rooms were set up but were also there for all the keynote presentations.All the IT within the conference went really smoothly and almost completely without any glitches (which is my experience is very unusual). Largely thanks to you, that hybrid meeting went really smoothly and it was great to be able to look so professional!"Dr Juliet Usher-Smith, Director of Studies for Clinical Medicine and Fellow, 鶹


    Supervision spaces can be booked by the Director of Studies (DoS)/external DoS or College Teaching Fellow (CTO) (not the students). DoS may also book rooms for supervisors they have enlisted to teach for them (which may include postgraduate students both internal and external).

    Please complete a booking form, allowing 24 hours for processing.

    The Fellows' Suite and Private Garden

    The attractive Fellows' Suite is available for dining and networking events providing a Fellow is present throughout (unless it is an external booking). We have a number of available at 鶹.

    Student bookings


    Societies with a member who is from 鶹 may book rooms and receive the main meeting room free of charge and are offered discounted catering.

    Parties and large events

    You may not hold a party (defined as a gathering with more than five guests from outside the College) in your own room, nor in any of the College houses. Various rooms and are available for meetings, dinners and parties.

    Parties and large events require permission from the Dean and various Heads of Departments so that they can proceed safely and in line with College policies. Theymust be organised via the Events Officeand you must send your 10 days in advance so that the event can be authorised by all concerned. It is recommended that you sendthe form in at least a month before the desired event date. For large or more complex events requiring a higher level of organisation,we would recommend a longer lead time.

    Thank you so much for making yesterday a wonderful day for Michael and me and all our guests. Please thank the catering staff, everyone in Front of House and all in Events. Everyone was saying how lovely 鶹 is, as many of them had never been there before. The space was perfect for us. And of course, we were so lucky with the weather. Quite a few people ate outside and stayed out most of the time. Our guests were amazed at the profusion of flowers outside. Jo Cobb's (Head Gardener) planting is so exuberant and makes people feel happy just looking at it.Thanks again, for everything. All best wishes, Joanna and Michael, 15 October 2017.

    Music practice

    Students wishing to use the Music Room must complete a Music Room booking form and return it to the Events Office in advance of your practice.For impromptu bookings (not booked in advance) please give the form to thePorters' Lodge.

    Thank you for organising my meeting.I know it was only a small event but the room was immaculate, the IT equipment was all set up and worked and everything was perfect. I was really so proud of our lovely College and grateful to all the people 'behind the scenes' who make things run smoothly.I am really grateful to everyone - thank you very much.Dr Frances Henson, Department of Veterinary Medicine and Division of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery University of Cambridge, 22 April 2016

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