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Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities

Policies and procedures for conducting College business

The Ordinances of College are here. The College's procedures for handling requests for information are available on the introductory page to this publication scheme.

Procedures and policies relating to academic services

  • General information booklets are available online giving information on academic matters, including sources of advice, supervisions, examinations, and dealing with problems in the Student Handbook.
  • Academic assessment for the purpose of awarding degrees is the responsibility of the University, not the College. The College's internal procedures for monitoring students' academic progress are set out in the Academic Guide.
  • The College does not have the power to confer honorary degrees.

Procedures and policies relating to student services

  • Information on undergraduate admissions procedures can be found underundergraduate admissions and .
  • Information on postgraduate admissions procedures can be found underpostgraduate admissions and .
  • Information about the cost of student accommodation in College for undergraduates and postgraduates, the categories available, the licence agreements applicable, and the allocation process, may be foundunderaccommodation. The provides information about accommodation outside the College.
  • The College publishes Data Protection Guidelinesfor the maintenance of records about students; the College interacts with the University Student Records section, which publishes its own .
  • The Student Handbookdraws attention to the Liaison and Graduate Liaison Committees at which senior and junior members meet regularly to discuss matters specifically of concern to students; these report to the Council.
  • Various College policy statements, including Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Complaints are available underpolicies. The College's Complaints Procedure provides for informal, formal, and external review of student complaints.
  • All members of the College subscribe to the .
  • The College's Disciplinary Committee, which deals with serious offences, is established by the College Statutes. The role of the College Dean in relation to lesser offences is described in theStudent Handbook.

Procedures and policies relating to human resources

This section covers information on the College's strategy and management of human resources, including personnel policies and procedures. Personal information relating to individual members of staff is exempt from disclosure.

  • Policies, including Harassment and Equal Opportunities, which includes an Action Plan under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act, consistent with that of the , can be found online.
  • The College uses internal and University pay scales for academic staff. Internal pay scales are available free, on request, from The Freedom of Information Officer at University pay scales may be viewed .
  • The Ordinances define many procedures and terms of engagement in respect of academic staff.
  • Academic Responsibilities & Entitlementssets out terms for Fellows.This document is available free, on request, from The Freedom of Information Officer at
  • The College, where possible, follows University .
  • Staff Development: administrative staff training is given as necessary. Induction programmes are devised appropriate to their job. Continuous appraisals are undertaken, and the Personnel Committee oversees there-evaluation of posts.
  • All staff are encouraged to participate in appropriate courses run by the University's .

Procedures and policies relating to recruitment

Current vacancies at the College may be found undervacancies and on the University's .

Code of conduct for members of governing bodies

The College's policy on Ethical Principles relating to conflicts of interestmay be found in policies. Procedural rules for conflicts of interest for members of the Governing Body and the members of Council can be found here.

Equality and diversity

The College is committed to equal opportunities in the recruitment of its Fellows, students and staff. The College's equal opportunities policyis available online.

Health and safety

A Health & Safety Committee reporting to the Council meets regularly. The College's Health and Safety policycan be found online.

Estate management

This section covers information relating to the College's management of its physical resources. Information that provides specific details of the College's future plans to alter its estate is exempt from disclosure where this would damage the College's commercial interests.

  • The College's properties are managed by the Domestic andEstates Committee, reporting to the College Council.
  • The College's main buildings are on a single site, the address of which is 鶹, Cambridge, CB3 0DF.
  • Mapsand a virtual tourof the main site are available.