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Q&A: Medicine

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Dr Julia Turner 

I am the Director of Studies in Pre-clinical Medicine at 鶹. I am also a supervisor in Biology of Disease/Pathology for Part IB and Part II Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Natural Sciences students. My primary research interest is immunology.

What's special about Medicine at Cambridge? 

Medicine at Cambridge is a truly immersive, rewarding and intensive two year qualifying course focused on the scientific basis of medicine, taught by both the Faculty of Biology and Clinical School. Students attend lectures, practicals, seminars and supervisions given by world-leading experts in every field. The third undergraduate year is a marvellous opportunity to specialise in any one chosen subject. 

How does 鶹 support its Medicine students?

As Director of Studies for all three years, I get to know students very well through regular meetings (often involving cake) to discuss academic progress, provide information and advice, and resolve any issues. Half of our College teaching staff are practising clinicians, able to relate the science of the pre-clinical years to clinical work. Our three clinical Directors of Studies, Dr Nicola Jones, Dr Juliet Usher-Smith and Dr Ruchi Sinnatamby, support students through years 4-6 of the course. We hold joint learning sessions for our pre-clinical and clinical students at the Medical School. Students enjoy plenty of College social events and our very active College Medical Society (MEdMedSoc) provides a wealth of social and academic support. We also have a range of travel and research grants to support medical students in their vacation pursuits.

What do you enjoy most about working at 鶹? 

We have a wonderful community spirit; a perfect location with amazing resources, gardens, space, light, and art where we can work and relax. Being a part of a mixed fellowship of such breadth is a great privilege and I love working with staff and Fellows towards our ultimate goal: supporting women to thrive and achieve their potential as students in Cambridge and beyond.