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Q&A: Maths

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Dr Ana Khukhro

I am the Director of Studies in Mathematics at 鶹. I look after the academic interests of Mathematics students at the College, including organising and giving supervisions, advising on course choices, and making sure students are well-supported in their studies. My research interests include geometric group theory - a beautiful subject that links algebra and geometry.

What's special about Maths at Cambridge?

While there are many universities with fantastic maths degrees, one advantage of the Cambridge course is the flexibility and choice it is able to offer. Another is the supervision system - to complement the lectures organised by the University, students have the opportunity to discuss the material and solutions to exercises in small groups (of two or three students) with experts in the field.

How does 鶹 support its Maths students?

At 鶹, we pride ourselves on the support we provide for our students. We do our best to foster an environment in which students feel comfortable asking questions and discussing ideas. We ensure supervisions are helpful and that they give our students the confidence to express themselves mathematically. We have a very warm and welcoming community of maths students and academics that we truly feel is unparalleled at Cambridge. Relaxed weekly social meetings and study groups mean strong bonds both within each year group, as well as between different year groups.

What do you enjoy most about working at 鶹?

Women are still underrepresented in Maths at Cambridge; 鶹 provides a community with the shared experience of being a female mathematician at Cambridge - a community that understands the challenges that come with being a minority in one of the most demanding mathematics degrees in the world. Providing support to our talented mathematics students and seeing them realise their potential is my favourite thing about working here.