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Q&A: History of Art

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Dr Lydia Hamlett

What is your role at 鶹 and what are your research interests?

I am a Fellow and Director of Studies in History of Art in College. My own research interests are largely in the field of British visual culture in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. I am especially interested in the experience of mural paintings.

How does 鶹 support its students in your subject?

There are only a handful of Art Historians, as in all Colleges, and so there is a high level of support. There is also a good group spirit across Art Historians in all years at 鶹. Direct access to is of great benefit to our students, especially when it comes to choosing dissertation topics! Art is displayed all around the College, inspiring students to think, discuss and be creative. It is the only College to have Museum Accreditation and its own designated curator.

What do you enjoy most about working at 鶹?

I love the atmosphere of the College. Of course, this includes its people - the lively Fellowship and students. But it is also down to the physical environment, where space, water, light, art and architecture come together to make an inspiring and calming effect.