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Q&A: Economics

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Dr Juan Block 

I am the Director of Studies in Economics and a Fellow in Economics. My research interests are microeconomic theory and game theory. My research has focused on two primary directions, the emergence of cooperation with an emphasis on the economic incentives related to repeated interactions, and learning processes based on social comparisons.

What's special about Economics at Cambridge?

The undergraduate course in Economics at Cambridge aims to give you a broad and solid understanding of economics. It allows you to study the core of economics in considerable depth, using mathematical and statistical techniques, while it also gives you a more comprehensive perspective on economics, incorporating historical, political and social insights. The course is ranked highly both within the UK and also globally.

How does 鶹 support its Economics students?

We admit between four and six students a year studying Economics at 鶹 meaning that there are around a dozen undergraduates across all years. Together with another dozen graduates, they make for a strong, friendly and vibrant community. There is an annual subject dinner designed to welcome all the new Economists to College and to introduce them to existing students, bringing together Economics undergraduates, postgraduates and Fellows of the College.

Our students are largely supervised by our own Economics Fellows; however, we exchange teaching with other Colleges so our students are always taught by an expert in their subject. The College has a well-stocked library, which contains all of the books on the Economics Tripos reading lists and is accessible 24/7. Our students benefit from the lecture series held in College: in recent years, these have been the Capitalism on the Edge and Just on the Edge series. They are also active in the University-wide Marshall Society in which they take up committee positions annually.