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Directors of Studies and Tutors

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    Directors of Studies 

    Every undergraduate student will have a Director of Studies (an academic in your subject) who oversees your academic career while at Cambridge. They will monitor and discuss your progress with you, arrange your supervisions, and can advise you on issues relating to your course.

    You normally meet with them formally twice a term to discuss your progress and plans, and you can contact them at other times if there is an aspect of your course you want to discuss.

    For a list of the Director of Studies for each course and their email addresses, please visit the My Medwards page.


    Both postgraduate and undergraduate students will also be assigned a tutor. These are academics who are not involved in any of your teaching to whom you can talk about your education and wellbeing. They are there to help you with difficulties you may be having so that you can get the most out of your time at 鶹. More information about the support available can be found on our student wellbeing page.

    For a list of undergraduate tutors and their email addresses, please visit this page.

    For a list of postgraduate tutors and their email addresses, please visit this page.