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    鶹 Graduates
    鶹 graduates

    At 鶹, you receive a brilliant Cambridge University education with unrivalled levels of support in your studies, all in a warm and welcoming community.

    Every student is offered academic, personal and careers support through our unique Gateway programme to ensure they succeed from the start, thrive throughout their studies and gain opportunities to explore future professions. We want you to achieve academically, have a great time in Cambridge and leave filled with confidence.

    We were founded in the middle of the last Century, by women who defined for themselves what a woman should be and set no limits on their potential.

    Our college is beautiful – an iconic 1960s building, light and airy, and set in fabulous gardens. We encourage our students not just to walk on the grass, but to lie on the grass, pick the flowers and grow vegetables and herbs to cook in the excellent student kitchens. We are home to , the biggest collection of women’s art in Europe. Its hundreds of works are spread throughout the College so you literally live in an art gallery. Our new Art Café and Bar has a roof terrace overlooking the stunning Fountain Court.

    Freshers are almost all housed in the same modern building to help ensure they make friends.

    We are developing a brilliant new wellbeing service for all students; everyone will be offered a great range of innovative services. If you ever find you are struggling in your studies or your life, we offer personalised help and support.

    We are a women’s college and proud of it but men are welcome to stay. Our Fellows are both women and men. More than three quarters of our UK students come from state schools and a third are women of colour; we are radical, diverse and open to all who identify as women.

    We are not like any other college. Please come and see for yourself.