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    Some Departments and Faculties now offer a part-time route to certain research degrees:

    • PhD
    • MSc
    • MLitt

    Information on part-time Master of Studies courses is available on the  website, though applications are made to the relevant Departments/Faculties.

    鶹 was one of the first participating Colleges and has a small number of part-time postgraduate students who are full members of the College with access to library, computing and other facilities. Part-time students are allocated a College Tutor who can advise on a range of matters.


    Colleges are not expected to offer accommodation to part-time students, though it is possible to arrange short periods of accommodation. Due to the high demand for guest rooms, students are advised to book well in advance whenever possible and to be aware of the College's cancellation policy (though the College will allow some flexibility for circumstances beyond the student's control, e.g. cancellation of meeting by supervisor). Students will be charged the member's rate for a guest room, or the pro-rata student rate for a College room (if available and if required for extended periods). Bookings are made through the Events Office.

    Meals in College

    All part-time students are welcome to use the cafeteria service in College and are also invited to attend all Formal Halls in the same way as full-time students. The College Calendar gives the dates of all Formal Halls.

    Car use and car parking

    Part-time postgraduates may use or keep a car in Cambridge, but only with the permission of the Senior Tutor and the University Pro-Proctor for motor vehicles. Parking is available at 鶹 and part-time students visiting for short periods might find it convenient to park at College and then walk or get a bus to their Departments, as parking in the centre of town is very limited.

    Student parents

    There is no specific childcare provision for part-time students, though all student parents are encouraged to contact the University's Childcare Officer so they can be added to the relevant mailing lists. The gives contact details and other useful information.