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Why a College for women?

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    Too many women continue to experience environments where their achievements and voices are not recognised or heard. The fact that gender inequality still exists is one of the reasons why there is still a need for a College that can focus specifically on women's learning, and preparation for work and life.

    How does 鶹 help women succeed?

    1. We provide special attention to how women learn while placing that learning within the overall co-educational context of Cambridge.

    2. We offer a stimulating, active and academic environment and a 'home from home' for all our students.

    3. We advise our students about their career options, and we support them in applying for jobs through CV preparation, mock interviews and internships.

    4. We provide a warm, friendly and inclusive environment.

    5. When students complete their studies here, they leave with the skills and confidence to achieve their dreams and are prepared for the challenges ahead.

    The College has produced outstanding, independent-minded women across different careers. Our alumnae support each other and the young women just starting out in their careers.

    With its concern for women in the workplace today, and in supporting the development of the outstanding women of tomorrow, the College is a place where people have something to say about the status of women. We illustrate this with our Collaborating with Men research.

    Applying to 鶹

    Are you applying to the University of Cambridge? Find out about studying at 鶹 as an undergraduate or as a graduate.

    Find out more on how we will continue to deliver great value for women in our Strategic Direction.

    Our alumnae

    Alumnae of the College have made a significant impact on the world over the last 60 years, becoming leaders of companies, public bodies, charities and their communities. Read about some of our most well-known alumnae.