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Policy on the use of personal information under the Student Complaint Procedure

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    Policy on the use of personal information under the Student Complaint Procedure

    A copy is to be provided to the Complainant at the earliest contact and published on the College’s website.

    1. In order to deal with a Complainant’s request it will be necessary for the College to process a Complainant’s personal data in accordance with this policy. The overall purpose of processing personal data in the context of the investigation and resolution of student complaints is to decide what steps can appropriately be taken in response to such complaints. Personal data will be disclosed only to those persons who need to see such data for the purposes of conducting an investigation, responding as part of an investigation, determining or recommending a resolution, or deciding what other steps can appropriately be taken. No person will be told any more about the investigation than is strictly necessary in order to obtain the information required from them. Such persons may include:
    • staff handling, investigating and considering the complaint;
    • individuals named or involved in the complaint, such as students, staff or external bodies;
    • authorised representatives of other external bodies involved in the complaint;
    • the College’s legal advisors;
    • relevant staff in the University; and
    • a Complainant’s authorised representative.

    Documentation generated in the course of an investigation under the procedure will be disclosed in full to the Complainant except where information relates to an individual who has not explicitly consented to the disclosure of personal data.

    2. The College will seek the Complainant’s written consent before notifying the Complainant’s College Tutor that a complaint has been submitted so that they are aware of the complaint and able to assist in providing support.

    3. The College will seek the Complainant’s explicit written consent before liaising with appropriate staff members, regarding support and any reasonable adjustments for disabled students.

    4. Following completion of the procedure, the complaint, the documentation generated in the course of the investigation and the decisions made under the procedure, will be retained securely by the College for six years. This information will be used for the purposes of responding to any complaints regarding the application of this procedure as well as for compiling anonymous statistics regarding its use. Further, where any complaint is subsequently submitted under this procedure by the same Complainant, this information may be taken into account by the Case Handler, in reaching a decision under paragraph 2.14 or 4.3 of the procedure. The information may also be used if relevant for the purposes of conducting disciplinary proceedings or referral for consideration under another procedure under paragraph 4.3 of this procedure.

    5. Nothing in this policy is intended to prejudice any rights of access to personal data which any person may have under data protection legislation as applicable at the time or otherwise.

    6. Any questions or concerns about this policy should be directed to the Senior Tutor in the first instance.