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Advice on Mediation

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Mediation offers a chance for both students to identify and discuss their concerns. Mediation will only be an option if both parties agree to engage with the process, and no student making a complaint will be required to enter into mediation before making a formal complaint.

To support this process, and to complement the work already undertaken by College Tutors in resolution of disputes between students, the University offers a mediation service for students. The student mediation service uses dual mediation by two neutral, independent mediators to assist the students to resolve their differences and reach a mutually acceptable agreement on the way forward.

The mediators are members of staff who have volunteered for the role and who have received formal mediation training. The mediators are impartial; they have no vested interest in the outcome and will not impose an agreement. The mediators are only interested in helping the students to reach a mutually acceptable solution. The mediators will manage the whole mediation process, creating a safe and supportive environment so that both students can talk honestly and openly about what has happened and how it has affected them.

It should be noted that should there be any subsequent police investigation or criminal prosecution, any statement made in mediation is liable to be disclosed to the Police.